Excellent travel resources

  • EuroCheapo: This site is a great resource for planning any travel to Europe, especially for budget accommodations and advice.
  • Kayak: If I’m flying to my next destination, this is usually my first stop for comparing airfares. Also great for rental cars.

Favorite travel blogs

  • Paul Moylan: Paul shares his inspirational stories from the Camino de Santiago in Spain.
  • Nomadic Matt: Matt is a professional traveler, for lack of a better description. A good read for anyone getting started in long-term travel.
  • A Girl with Gumption: Melanie writes about her two-year stint as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal.
  • A Dangerous Business: Amanda shares her travel stories from the United States and from around the globe.
  • The Alibi, by Ally: Alyssa, a brilliant young writer from Australia, gives us her take on round-the-world travel.
  • LandLopers: Matt delivers news and commentary about travel throughout the world. Also a fellow W&M alumnus: Go Tribe!
  • Andean Drift: Tom blogs about his extensive travels throughout Latin America and Europe.
  • Katie Going Global: Katie writes about her year of traveling and volunteering throughout the former Soviet Union.
  • Mallory on Travel: Iain shares tales of his travel adventures with an emphasis on Europe.
  • The Morning Fresh: Katie puts the emphasis of her travel blog on climbing and the outdoors.
  • Travel Rinse Repeat: John travels a lot for work and shares the details with his readers.
  • Travel Addicts: Laura and Lance work to support their travel habit and pack in as much adventure as the real world allows.

Travel blog directories

  • The Longest Way Home: This large and growing directory of travel blogs includes Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, and RSS feeds.
  • Dave’s Travel Corner: Extensive directory of personal travel blogs with ratings and comments.
  • Nomadic Notes: Maintains a categorized directory of travel blogs from around the world.
  • Extensive directory of travel blogs, categorized alphabetically.

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