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Metro in Rome

When Kathryn and I were in Rome last winter, we used the public transit network extensively. The buses were most convenient for many of our trips, but we also used the Metro trains when we wanted to cover ground more quickly.

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Two easy ways to see the Pope in Rome

There are two easy ways to see the Pope when you’re in Rome. Kathryn and I were able to see him both ways during our visit to Rome earlier this year. As long as the Pope isn’t away from the city for his vacation or for an apostolic visit, you should be able to see him too.

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Confession at St. Peter’s Basilica

During our trip to Rome earlier this year, Kathryn and I recognized how long it had been since our last confessions. Far too long. The gift of the Holy Father’s blessing at the General Audience earlier in the week, and the possibility we would receive it again after praying the Angelus on Sunday, increased our desire to receive the sacrament as soon as possible.

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St. Peter’s Basilica: You are Peter, and upon this rock I build my church

I really wanted to get a series of photos of the verses inscribed around the interior of the cupola, but you’ll see in this photo that a pretty thick fence blocks the view. You can just make out the words Petrus et behind Kathryn.

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General Audience with Pope Benedict XVI

Kathryn took this wonderful photo of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, at the General Audience on February 23, 2011. We arrived two hours early, and despite the throngs of people already waiting to get into the Pope Paul VI Audience Hall, we were able to get some great seats.

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I want to express my apologies for the long delay in producing posts about our trip to Pennsylvania and Rome.

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Dealing with airfare for a multi-city itinerary

Normally when I travel to Europe, I buy a round-trip ticket, and that’s the end of the story. Since I live in Phoenix, I usually have to connect somewhere, often Philadelphia, and it’s not a problem. I decided to try pricing the trip as a multi-city itinerary, Phoenix to Philadelphia to Rome to Phoenix. It’s a good thing I did.

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Packing carefully: Is one suitcase enough?

Kathryn decided to take her case to Facebook to see what the consensus would be. Most of her friends agreed that one suitcase would not be enough for two people. Fortunately, social media polls are not binding on anyone.

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New format for my travel tales

My wife Kathryn and I recently returned from a ten-day break in our daily routine. First, we spent three nights in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for the wedding of a very good friend of mine. After a night spent on a plane … Continue reading

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