Frequently asked questions about our road trip in Europe

We’ve only been home a few days, but Kathryn and I have already heard a lot of questions about our trip. For the benefit of everyone else, I’ve decided to repeat some of them here, along with their answers. Continue reading Frequently asked questions about our road trip in Europe

Long overdue post

There’s a certain irony to writing a blog. During those times when you have the most to write about, you have the least time to write it. The year 2007 has been, and continues to be, almost unbelievably good to me, and for several months I’ve been maintaining a hand-written list of all the things I want to write about. However, the blog format lends itself to telling stories in a chronological fashion, so as my list grows longer, I feel a certain pressure to write everything or nothing. More often than not, over the past few months, I’ve chosen nothing, but with a new travel adventure beginning in less than 48 hours, I’ve run out of time. Therefore I’ll dispense with the formalities and blurt out everything I recall in whatever order seems relevant. Perhaps it’ll all make sense at the end. Continue reading Long overdue post

One night in Munich: Posh restaurants and English Gardens

I had a very pleasant evening in Munich last night. My friend found me shortly after I wrote my last post, and fortunately she was willing to sit with me while I finished my beer. Despite being a two-minute walk from her apartment, she had never been in that particular bar. It was kind of an after-work place where guys watched sports, so I guess it wasn’t her scene.

The gods have recently forgiven me, and we had some really pleasant weather for walking around the city. We walked through the city square, all the way to the English Gardens, where the recent rain has filled the streams nearly to overflowing. We saw some places that were new since my last trip to Munich over three years ago, including a very posh shopping center and a market that had been turned into a restaurant hall, where we had dinner and chatted for hours.

I got an early start this morning, not immediately realizing that my train didn’t leave until almost 11. My friend left for work at 7:30, but she let me stay at her place as long as I needed. Even though I was only there for another hour, it was nice to have a little time to myself and an apartment at my disposal.

Today I’m on my way to Kassel to see another friend. I’m on the train now, and I’ll be there in about an hour. Germans and foreigners alike seem to know little about Kassel, so I guess I’ll just be surprised when I get there.

Munich: Bavarian beer

I’m waiting in a bar near where my friend lives in Munich. She had to work late, so she’s not home yet. I thought I’d have a beer while waiting for her. Until just now, I had forgotten how good Bavarian beer is.

No more words, while I savor the moment.

Weekend in Eisenstadt, Austria, and Bratislava, Slovakia

I’m once again aboard a train bound for somewhere. I left Eisenstadt early this morning so that my friend could drop me off before work. I took a rural bus to Vienna, where I took a streetcar to the train station, where I boarded the train I’m on now. I had meant to board an earlier train, but it took a half-hour to get a ticket, at which point I’d missed it. I’ll take this train to Salzburg, and then catch another to Munich, which is where I’m going today to meet another friend. Continue reading Weekend in Eisenstadt, Austria, and Bratislava, Slovakia