Beer in Denmark

After a few days in Copenhagen, I can say that I’m absolutely amazed by the quantity of beer people drink here.

I learned during my tour of the Carlsberg brewery that historically the water was unsafe to drink here, so people drank beer instead. During the Renaissance, Danes began importing new foods from all over the world, but they were very salty, so the average person would drink upwards of ten liters of beer a day. As recently as the late 19th century, the daily beer ration per worker at the Carlsberg brewery was four liters per day. That’s over a gallon of beer per worker per day. What a perk!

Nowadays, they still drink quite heavily here. I saw people on the street drinking as early as 10 am. Kids hanging out by the harbor in the evening settled in with entire cases of beer. I assume they were sharing among several friends, but it’s still a lot of beer when you’re hanging out in a public place.

Being one to do as the Romans do, I had an early beer this morning before I boarded the train. I’m heading to Germany today. Does anyone know if they serve beer there?

More Copenhagen

I’m still in Copenhagen, sitting by the one of the canals, enjoying a cold beer in the shade. The weather today is absolutely perfect. The temperature is about 80 degrees, there’s hardly a cloud in the sky, and there’s a nice breeze to keep everything pleasant. I just finished an hour-long harbor cruise, which was delightful.

I did meet up with my friend here yesterday. We got together in the afternoon for drinks and a late lunch. She took me to the part of the city where she lives, where there were no tourists, just locals enjoying a leisurely summer Friday afternoon with friends and beers along the lake. It was very relaxing. In the evening, I saw the Tivoli Gardens for a couple hours, and then turned in. Today, more sightseeing. Tomorrow, I move on.

Danish beer: Carlsberg and Jacobsen at the brewery in Copenhagen

I just finished the Carlsberg brewery tour, which naturally included a couple tastings. The beer here is very good. I had a Tuborg last night, and a Carlsberg Pilsner and a Jacobsen Brown Ale here at the brewery.

I just finished the Carlsberg brewery tour, which naturally included a couple tastings. The beer here is very good. I had a Tuborg last night, and a Carlsberg Pilsner and a Jacobsen Brown Ale here at the brewery. Continue reading “Danish beer: Carlsberg and Jacobsen at the brewery in Copenhagen”

Clean laundry at last

I arrived in Copenhagen this morning, and after an overnight train, I took a shower and crashed for a couple hours. Then, while wearing the last of my clean clothes and a bathing suit as underwear, I found a laundry near my hotel, which took some doing, because the front desk clerk’s directions were somewhat vague. However, when I found the laundromat, the woman who worked there pointed out that she offered full-service laundry, so for the equivalent of about $11, I let her do my laundry while I got a couple more hours sleep back at the hotel. A few hours later, I picked up a trash bag full of nice, clean, folded laundry.

As I now, I have US dollars, Icelandic kronurs, British pounds, euros, and Danish kroners with me. My document pouch is getting crowded.

On the rails

I’ve had several great days in Amsterdam, but it’s time to move on. I decided to go to Copenhagen next, which is a long train ride from Amsterdam. I bought tickets this morning, and I could have left almost right away, but the idea of arriving in a city at midnight didn’t appeal to me. I’d rather spend the night on the train, so I’m leaving around 7 pm.

Of course, that left the problem of what to do with seven hours. I had lunch. Then I did a canal cruise through old Amsterdam. That was pretty cool. Now I’m just catching up on e-mail and enjoying a pint.

Speaking of pints, I went to “The Heineken Experience” yesterday, which was not unlike an Anheuser-Busch brewery tour, minus the brewery part. It was more of a museum filled with company history and shameless self-promotion …. and free beer, of course. Three half-pints, to be precise. You also got a Heineken souvenir bottle opener when you leave, which was actually a decent gift, since I forgot to bring one along.

While sitting here waiting for time to pass, I finally heard from my friend in Copenhagen … not a moment too soon! She said she’d like to show me around when I get there, so I have something new to look forward to.

Preparing for my summer fun in Europe

In my recent posts, I’ve hinted I’m doing some traveling this summer. I won’t leave you in the dark any longer. In the next couple weeks, I’m leaving for a month-and-a-half-long backpacking trip through Europe.

Yes, Europe again. Yes, I have the bug, and I have it bad.

On my way to Europe, I’m spending a few nights in Iceland, which I’ve been wanting to see for years. There’s 24-hour daylight there this time of year, and I’m very curious to experience it, as well as taking part in Reykjavik’s infamous nightlife.

Although I have usually chosen Paris as my gateway to Europe, I’m flying to London this time to change things up. From London, I plan to travel by rail and ferry to Amsterdam, which is another place I’ve wanted to see for years.

From there, it becomes a little vague. I expect to visit Copenhagen, several cities in Germany and Austria, and Budapest and Bucharest before traveling west again toward France. Italy, Switzerland, and Spain are maybes. I plan to see a lot of places I’ve skipped on past trips, but I’ll also go back to some favorite places, like Montpellier.

As a side-trip, I’m thinking of making a pilgrimage to the Bushmills distillery in Ireland. We’ll see!

I’ll be filling in a lot of the details as I go. I expect to meet up with friends occasionally while I’m there, so some of my itinerary will depend on their schedules.

I’ll definitely be blogging my travels, so this is the place to get the latest scoop. If you want to keep up-to-date, consider snagging an RSS feed!

Finally, if any of you would like to meet up with me at some point during my journey or share a stretch of the trail, please send me an e-mail. Soon.