Richmond, Virginia: Splurge at the Jefferson Hotel

I don’t often splurge on hotels. It just seems like a poor use of my travel budget. As long as a room is reasonably clean, reasonably located, and reasonably priced, I’m happy. It’s rare that I spend more than $100 a night for a room in all but the world’s most expensive cities. In the United States, the major three-star chains are more than adequate. Continue reading Richmond, Virginia: Splurge at the Jefferson Hotel

Pub stop in Ireland

Quick update. I’m in Ireland, and for the first time on this trip, I’ve rented a car. I left the airport in Dublin maybe an hour ago, and I started driving north until I found a little roadside pub. I’ve had a pounding headache all day, exacerbated by a flight, a long line at immigration, and a car with both a right-side steering wheel and a stick shift, which is of course operated by my left hand, which is very confusing. Of course, once I get on the left side of the road, everything is backwards, so it all seems to make sense. I thought a little food, a little beer, a little coffee, and a little Advil would make the afternoon go better. Continue reading Pub stop in Ireland

Sightseeing and comfortable weather in Ljubljana, Slovenia

I arrived in Ljubljana, Slovenia, yesterday afternoon. I’ve only walked around for a few hours, but I think this is the most beautiful city I’ve seen on this trip yet. For a capital city, it’s quite small. The city’s center is very easy to walk around. A very narrow river runs through it. There are cafes, bridges, and statues all around. A castle is perched on a hill just above the center. Continue reading Sightseeing and comfortable weather in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Berlin, Germany: Keeping properly hydrated

Having lived in Arizona for almost two years, I should be keenly aware of how important proper hydration is. However, it’s easy to forget here in Europe where the climate is so much milder. Earlier this morning, I bought a 1.5-liter bottle of mineral water while waiting for a train. I was a little surprised that I was able to drink it in about ten minutes. Mostly I’ve been drinking coffee and beer the past couple weeks, and I’ve been sweating a lot as I walk around cities or haul my pack around train stations, so I was probably poorly hydrated. From here on, I’m going to make it a goal to drink three liters of water per day, or more if necessary. I’m just over two weeks into my trip, and it would be a lousy time to get sick.