The English woman on the train from Ljubljana to Salzburg

I’ve been reviewing a lot of my old travel blog posts recently and sharing the more interesting ones on Facebook and Twitter. While doing this, I noticed a glaring omission on my part. There was a story I never told because, at the time, I was so embarrassed by my naivete with respect to the opposite sex. It happened five years ago this week, in August 2006.
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Frequently asked questions about our road trip in Europe

We’ve only been home a few days, but Kathryn and I have already heard a lot of questions about our trip. For the benefit of everyone else, I’ve decided to repeat some of them here, along with their answers. Continue reading “Frequently asked questions about our road trip in Europe”

Weekend in Eisenstadt, Austria, and Bratislava, Slovakia

We saw the castle on the hill in Bratislava, Slovakia, walked around the old city, where we had a nice lunch in an outdoor restaurant. I had goulash, which I still hadn’t eaten on this trip, despite where I’ve traveled. We only spent a few hours in Slovakia and then went back to Austria.

I’m once again aboard a train bound for somewhere. I left Eisenstadt early this morning so that my friend could drop me off before work. I took a rural bus to Vienna, where I took a streetcar to the train station, where I boarded the train I’m on now. I had meant to board an earlier train, but it took a half-hour to get a ticket, at which point I’d missed it. I’ll take this train to Salzburg, and then catch another to Munich, which is where I’m going today to meet another friend. Continue reading “Weekend in Eisenstadt, Austria, and Bratislava, Slovakia”

Underground in Austria

I’m still here in Austria. I’m in Eisenstadt right now, staying with a friend. I met the friend, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s daughter at the airport in Linz, and then we drove to Altaussee, where we rented a charming cottage in the country for a couple nights.

Unfortunately, it has been raining almost nonstop since I arrived in Austria, so I have been experiencing the extremes of summer weather in Europe. The good news is that my friend had planned some underground activities for us, so we visited a salt mine one day, and an ice cave the next. Both were quite fascinating tours.

We dropped her boyfriend and his daughter off last night in Vienna, where he lives, and the plan for today is a day trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. I passed through Slovakia a couple weeks ago on my way from Poland to Hungary, but being in a country from 3 am to 6 am doesn’t really permit me to say I’ve visited it.

Arrival and beer drinking in Linz, Austria

I arrived in Linz yesterday afternoon. I did a little sightseeing, and then found a beergarden. Good beer and decent food, outside among the trees on a beautiful summer evening … did I need more?

Frankly, this is not such an interesting city, but I won’t be here much longer. I’m meeting my friend this afternoon. The only reason I’m meeting her here is that we’re picking up her boyfriend’s daughter at the airport. It’s much cheaper to fly from London to Linz than to Vienna.

I’m not really sure where we’re going from here, other than that it’s in the mountains. Since most of Austria is in the mountains, that doesn’t narrow it down much.


I crossed the border into Austria about an hour ago. I’ve often said that Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and the route I’m traveling today has done nothing to change my mind.

I’m going to spend one night in Linz before meeting a friend tomorrow. I hope I can find a place to do some laundry. I’m due for a haircut, too.

It’s also nice to be back in a country where I can read signs.