Bucket list

For what it’s worth, I’d be okay not to see another bucket list ever. It’s probably the most tired, overused travel blogging meme out there. I mean, how many 20-somethings are really expecting to die soon enough to need a bucket list?

Here’s a novel idea: Instead of writing about fifty places you dream of seeing, go see one of them and write about it!


  1. Oh that’s a good idea! Travel someplace, then blog about it…I’m gonna add that to my bucket list. I think I’m gonna start with Glendale!

  2. If it’s always been your dream to see Glendale, you shouldn’t wait another day.

  3. You should grab the domain name festertravels.com while it’s still available.

  4. To me, the whole concept is a bit depressing. It’s good to have goals and all, but putting ‘before you kick the bucket’ in there makes it all seem a bit morbid. I’d rather say, ‘before I’m 30′ or ‘before I’m 40′ though I haven’t even really done that yet either….

  5. Not only morbid, but counterproductive. Life happens, opportunities arise, and plans change when least expected. Focus on a time frame you have some chance of controlling. Like, say, Greece this summer. Then, of course, go do it!