Pilgrimito and Pilgrimita in Rome at night
Pilgrimito and Pilgrimita in Rome one evening in February 2011

My name is Curt. After blogging for many years on a variety of topics at Pearls of Nonsense, I created this site in March 2011 — renaming it a few months later to Pilgrimito — to focus specifically on travel tales and advice. I started with my most recent journey to Pennsylvania and Italy and continued on from there. As time permits, I’ll backfill the site with stories from earlier travels.

I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona, with my beautiful wife Kathryn and her cat Russy. My first trip abroad was to Paris with my high school French class in 1989. I caught the travel bug then, and I’ve been traveling regularly ever since, particularly in Europe. Since moving to Arizona in 2004, I’ve also been spending more time traveling in the U.S. Southwest.